Most Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t get panic, it’s quite common some times due to huge server usage, it takes 3-5 minutes to propagate your funnel page, once you create the funnel page if it shows a 404 error page, wait for few minutes and refresh the URL.

Yes, if you’re a developer, designer, or something similar to that, then having an online resume/portfolio is a must. It could be your LinkedIn profile as well.

The one that straight comes down to the point.

Employers / HR Managers hate a resume / CV that takes so much of their time.

Make sure you do these things on your resume.

  1. Professional Experience
  2. Education
  3. Professional Title
  4. Keywords relating to the job.
  5. Accomplishments during your career which would add value to the job.
  6. A brief history or narrative or what you may like to call a CAREER SNAPSHOT.
  7. Any quantitative measures.
  8. Must to add relevant credentials and qualifications.
  9. Any important links to your work.
  10. The right use of ACTION VERBS.

Make sure you do not add these things on your resume.

There is no hard and fast rule. The general rule of thumb is to avoid adding items if they do not add any value or help in any way in improving your hiring chances.

  1. Your Age unless it is necessary.
  2. Any reasons for gap in your career.
  3. Poor grades unless there is a statutory or mandatory requirement.
  4. To enlist every part-time or full-time job when that is not actually required. Or it does not add any value. Read irrelevant professional experience, unless you do not have any relevant experience to add.
  5. Unnecessary personal details like for example Marital Status, Orientation, and other things not desired. E.g. Height, age, religion, political affiliations, club memberships, and place of birth.
  6. Do not add expected salary as you will be negotiating.
  7. A lot of career experts argue that you should not add your picture unless you are applying for a customer facing job or unless it is required.
  8. Unless specifically asked for, do not add references. However, if you feel you are applying for a certain type of position or academic qualification, then thin through your references very carefully.
  9. Long paragraphs that do not have bullets.
  10. Generic statements in various jobs without mentioning the value you added.
  11. The use of “I”.
  12. The use of flowery language.
  13. Misspellings, grammatical mistakes, or other similar problems must be avoided.
  14. Hobbies or interest not relating to the job.
  15. Reasons why you left any of your previous employers.
  16. Space fillers must not be avoided. One of the common examples is “Reference Available Upon Request”.

Here are the things you must add.

  1. An easy to read Resume / CV.
  2. All information can be easily scanned because of the use of a professional format. (varies from industry to industry)
  3. Accomplishments & experiences upfront.
  4. Your professional story and not your personal life events archive.

Yes, you can customize the resume page by changing colors & layout & its totally free.

Yes, you can add additional information, as well as you can add menu for respective information.

Simply, just signup with available username, and navigate to admin dashboard, click pages->click ‘edit with elementor’ in ‘home’ page. Now you can edit and replace your photo and texts as you wish.

You can contact us for more customization.

To sell your service you need to upgrade to Premium plan.

You need to upgrade to standard plan to write an a blog.

You need to upgrade any paid plan to add your own custom domain.

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